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ON PAGE SEO refers to the practice done within the website in order to improve its ranking in the search engine and to earn more relevant traffic.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

Therefore, users should be kept in mind before optimizing any web-page. A website should be built user-friendly. Google only promote those websites which are liked by users.


Benefits of On Page SEO

Off Page SEO and On Page SEO are two main aspects of SEO. Benefits of Off Page SEO were discussed in our previous article.

Let’s see why On Page SEO is 100% beneficial and perfect.


Local Results

If we are looking for the finest result, On Page SEO is the best factor. Good local results can be achieved by implementing some major SEO factors. These factors include a location in the title of the landing page, rich snippets, google map, GEO Location sitemaps etc. Search engine crawlers can easily index the web page against the search query based on location.

Permanent Value

On Page SEO is a permanent asset for a web page. Once the web page is optimized using On Page SEO factors, we do not have to optimize it again and again.

Whereas in Off Page SEO, we have to keep the practice on regular basis.

Inexpensive and Powerful Marketing

Our web page can gain attention in Search Engine Result Page in the most inexpensive way with the help of On Page SEO. Also, keyword and its placement play an important role in increasing a website’s ranking in search engine. On the other hand, link-building can sometimes be a very expensive task.

Time Saving

If compared with OFF Page SEO methods, On Page SEO techniques are much easy to control, and it also saves time as we are adding value to our website. Mostly On-site SEO is done while designing or building that web page.

Good User Experience → Better Conversion Rate

User Experience is very important and essential factor. As per the latest update from Google, in order to achieve an impressive position/ranking, user experience is a must. Also, it helps is improving average time per session, and it reduces bounce rate which is very much important. A rich user experience means attracting more and more audience. If more and more people start engaging our website, we can easily get Adsense approval also.

Also, all these above factors play an important role in getting our website a high rank in search engine result page.

  • A rich user experience and better On Page SEO means better ranking and good conversion rate.
  • Apart from improving our rank in google, our conversion rate also increases if we have got decent On Page SEO whereas, Off Page SEO helps in increasing ranking and traffic only.

Improves CTR (Click Through Rate)

On Page SEO includes optimization of meta description and meta title. This results in improvement of the CTR(Click Through Rate) of our organic searches.

By above line, On Page optimization ensures that apart from appearing on the first page of Google, we will also get visitors on our website through that search result.

Leverage Long Tail Keywords

Insertion of Long Tail Keywords in the content of a website and in internal links is highly recommendable. It helps in achieveing good ranking and to push up our website.


We can give rise to the uniqueness on our website with the use of On Page Optimization factors. While doing On Page Optimization, we should keep our eyes open and should clearly have all the possible penalties from google updates for the use of different meta tags, video description, texts etc.

Page Speed

In today’s world, nobody wants to wait for a web page to get loaded. Speed is one of the most important requirements for a website. Fast loading website brings a good user experience and chances of increase in conversion rates. Speed also increases the trust of the user on a website.

Websites with good speed are always promoted on Search Engine Result Page as compared to those which have slow speed.


With our SEO strategy, one should always look up for On Page SEO for good response and effectiveness.

Another advice would be that we should always have all On Page factors fully optimized(100%) before we start onto for OFF Page Optimization.


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